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PJ, June makes a very good point...when I was on chemo, I just wanted
friends and family to leave me ALONE! My Mom wanted very much to come
out, and I wouldn't let her. You know, we lose so much control with this
disease, and we really hate to feel so helpless. Your task is to discern
if she means it, and then? If it poses no danger to her, you may want to
do as she asks. Perhaps your family down there can give you insite into
this? The big question -- are you doing it for her or for you? Love you,

Argila, June wrote:
> Hi PJ:  When I was on Chemo my daughter came up from Florida for 2 weeks to
> be with me, she also brought my 3 yr. old (at the time) grandson.  I love
> them both very much but it was easier for me when they were gone because a 3
> yr. old can be a stressful experience to a chemo patient.  Just my opinion.
> Hang in there.
> Your friend June Argila
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