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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello Everyone,

I'm finally back with my "thoughts for today."  Since for most people
Monday starts the work week, I decided to use the following for my
"thoughts for today" this afternoon.

	Most people do only what they are required to do, but
	successful people do a little more.

	Render more service than that for which you are paid and
	you will soon be paid for more than you render.  This is
	"The Law of Increasing Returns."

If you listen to some of our senior citizens, you will hear how the work
ethics in this country have really changed over the years.  Years ago
people were willing to do "whatever it takes" to earn money to feed and
care for their families, no matter how hard the work or how long the
hours.  Today we see a trend where people still want to feed and take
care of their families, but in addition to that they want many of the
finer things in life.  However, they are not always willing to work hard
for it.  They want to work fewer hours, yet make more money.  Of course,
I'm not saying that most people are like that, but we can see that many
are.  Just make sure you aren't one of them.

God Bless,
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