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[MOL] Small Cell lung cancer--my mom

Help!  Just diagnosed with small cell lung cancer stage 4 (whatever that means). Tests show a lesion in the brain, but no symtoms.
Has received chemo treatment of cisplatin and etoposide 3 weeks ago. Will begin second treatment week of March 1.
Are we missing anything? Vitamins, others types of treatment, what to watch out for, etc.
We have, I think, a good oncologist, but I want to cover all bases--this is my MOM.
She is 73 and the first treatment took a lot out of her. She has already lost a lot of hair, tired, nausea, etc, -- she now has appetite back but her mouth hurts. Anyway, what do any of you think. Just let it all hang out.
My e-mail is candew@earthlink.net but when I go to my mom's this week, I will be receiving messages through pntmagic59@aol.com so please send to both places so I am sure I get whatever info you have.
Thank you. This is a GREAT idea!
Candace Hanley