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Dear Sir:  MOL  is a support chat line for those with cancer, those
surviving cancer their loved ones and family.  When a person places a query
it is answered with-in 24 hour's, since non of us are in the medical
profession, we are more apt. to send you related articiles, and sites to
help you explore the type cancer you are seeking.  The molf chat forum has
it's only chat line that is operated by volunteers of this forum and also a
photograph album.  Several of our molers are into researching so there are
weekly educational series that go over the mol forum, to assist people in
knowing everything they can about all cancer.  Welcome to our forum.  If I
may be of help please advise what type of cancer, what treatment if started,
have you gotton a second and third opinion, all the information you can to
help us better serve you.  Your friend, lillian

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