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[MOL] My dad has multiple myloma

Hi Gina,
Someone will get to you with the information that you are asking for.  I will
pray for you, your Father and the rest of your family.  God Bless you all.
This is a wonderful Cancer Support Forum, you will never be sorry you joined,
except for maybe the amount of mail you will receive, it at times gets
overwelming, but at those time just hit the delete key and stay with us.  We
have a Chat room, which Lil will be in there tonight from 8-10:00pm est.  that
address is:  http://paris.aeneas.net/molers/
Also a MOL (members on line)Angel  Photo Album with all kinds of pictures and
information, feel free to check it out address is:
My picture is on the first page as Don and Nancy Postema.
Please enjoy our MOL Angel Cancer Forum.
Hugs and prayers to you and yours,

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 My dad has multiple myloma for two year now.  he was doing well on a
progressive treatment of high doese of steriods.  Now his protein levels in
his blood are up.  how high i am not sure as i have not spoke to his doctor
yet.  and he just does not ask questions.  my main interest is pain is there a
great deal of pain involved.
 i am soory my information is limited at this time.  I just spoke ot my dad
just a few minutes ago and my mind is a bit overloaded.  I feal the ned to
realate to someone in the know someone who is dealling with this as well
 gina laine   >>
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