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Dear Diana,

Sorry for butting in.  I hope that the family members don't give
Rodney or you any grief over his decision to stop his chemo treatments
like they did Angelo and I.  

It is a very difficult thing to have to deal with on top of everything
else the two of you are going through.  I could go on and on about
how Angelo's family reacted to him stopping his treatments but it
would just despress you.   

I pray that whatever family you have they are supportive no matter
what decision Rodney makes.

Love ya,
> Hello Lillian,
> It's been a few days since I've posted anything but I'm back.  Rodney
> had  an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday and Dr Gize is
> such a wonderful, caring doctor.  He takes as much time as it takes to
> answer your questions and makes you feel like He is your friend.  He
> does'nt push anything on you.  Rodney, for the time being is not going
> to take anymore chemo and that is his decision to make.  He is not
> giving up but going to try different things like vitamins, shark
> cartilage, essiac tea and anything else he can find.
> Love Diana
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