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Re: [MOL] sorry

Dear Carla,

Just take care of yourself. Everything will fall in place for you, for
others. Take care of yourself first. Don't worry if you hadn't posted.
when you are able to post, then it will be more of a surprise and reward
for us. Take care of yourself first.

God Bless

> Carla wrote:
> I just wanted to let you all know that I am sorry that I missed
> posting the Irish Blessing and Inspiration for Saturday.. I do hope
> that some of you missed it and do enjoy them...
> I am doing many things and taking giant steps right now...  Also have
> been having some severe gurgling problems and so I am going in for an
> endoscopy on Thursday.. I am afraid due to the fact that I am changed
> with one lung and a twisted system in my throat, but I hope to get to
> talk with the doctor before I go in..  I am going in under a
> cancellation..
> May also sound silly, but I worry about a collapse of my one lung and
> pneumonia.. seems to be running rampant and hospitals are good places
> for germs!  LOL!  but true.. So I will try to get these things
> resolved and be at peace before I go in.. Lord, those of you who have
> known me know that I am hard to get to sleep even if I am willing..
> let alone if I am not!  LOL!!
> I keep you all in my heart and in my prayers....  I hope that you do
> me too...  Would love to hear from some of you..  God bless you and
> much  love, Carla
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