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[MOL] sorry

I just wanted to let you all know that I am sorry that I missed posting the Irish Blessing and Inspiration for Saturday.. I do hope that some of you missed it and do enjoy them...
I am doing many things and taking giant steps right now...  Also have been having some severe gurgling problems and so I am going in for an endoscopy on Thursday.. I am afraid due to the fact that I am changed with one lung and a twisted system in my throat, but I hope to get to talk with the doctor before I go in..  I am going in under a cancellation..
May also sound silly, but I worry about a collapse of my one lung and pneumonia.. seems to be running rampant and hospitals are good places for germs!  LOL!  but true.. So I will try to get these things resolved and be at peace before I go in.. Lord, those of you who have known me know that I am hard to get to sleep even if I am willing.. let alone if I am not!  LOL!! 
I keep you all in my heart and in my prayers....  I hope that you do me too...  Would love to hear from some of you..  God bless you and much  love, Carla