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[MOL] Let's make fun of the irish again

>Subject: Let's make fun of the irish again
>Two Irishmen walk into a pet shop. Right away,they go over to
>the bird section. Gerry says to Paddy,"Dat's dem". The assistant
>then approaches and asks if he can be of help. "Yeah,we'll take
>four of dem dere birds in dat cage op dere",says Gerry. "Put
>dem in a peeper bag". The assistant catches the birds and puts
>them in the bag as requested.The two Irishmen pay for them and
>leave the shop. They get into Gerrys' van and drive until they
>are high up in the hills and stop at the top of a cliff with a
>500-foot drop."Dis looks loike a grand place,eh" says Gerry.
>"Oh yeah,dis looks grand",replies Paddy.They flip a coin and
>Gerry wins the toss."I guess I git to go first,eh Paddy?" says
>Gerry.He then takes two birds out of the bag,places them on his
>shoulders and jumps off the cliff.Paddy watches as his mate
>drops off the edge and goes straight down for a few seconds,
>followed by a big SPLAT.As Paddy looks over the edge of the
>cliff,he shakes his head and says,"Bugger dat,dis budgie
>jumpin' is too flamin' dangerous for me!"A moment later,Seamus
>arrives.He too,has been to the pet shop and he walks up
>carrying the familiar 'peeper bag'.He pulls a parrot out of
>the bag and places it on his head.Then Paddy notices that he
>has a gun in his hand."Hi Paddy,watch this!"Seamus says and
>launches himself off the cliff.Paddy watches as half way down,
>Seamus raises the gun and blasts the parrot's head off.Seamus
>continues to plummet down until he too,hits the ground with a
>big SPLAT right next to Gerry's remains.Paddy shakes his head
>and says,"An' oim never troyin' dat free-fall parrotshooting
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