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Re: [MOL] Judy

Dear Christine,
I called the surgeon on Tuesday morning, to make a follow up appointment after
I finished my chemo and radiation. This was what my radiation doctor told me
to do. So I called. He wanted me to have a bone scan (dye and wait for 3
hrs.), a liver ultra sound and a chest xray. When I told my chemo DR this, he
got mad and said he was my primary dr. and he didn't see any reason why I
needed to be put thru theses test when there was not any involvement in 24 of
my lymph nodes. He is monitoring my blood count to see if there is any rise in
the cancer count. There is not. It was 1.2 in November. So what do I do? The
surgeons nurse said this is what he has all his patients do. Not to mention
the pain in the a----- this causes, but I've had enough. I really don't know
what to do. Should I take theses tests or not? That is the question. weather
or not to be or not to be. LOL. Well, just had to put some light on this
subject. Well, I am going to go read the 300 e-mails I have and let ya'll go
for now.
All My love,
Judy Simonds.
P.S. Aunt Lil what do you think I should do?
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