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[MOL] "Seeds"

I can understand what you are going through with you dad.	
My father is also 70 years old and was just diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer 1
week ago.	
His doctor gave him a video tape to take home so he would understand the
options he has for treatment.   One of the options was "Radiation seeds". The
tape didn't explain the process very much, because I think it's farily new,
they said they are still testing this treatment to see if it is effective.  If
you are interested in this treatment, try to do alot of reserach on it, to see
if it would be good for your father.  There are different treatments for each

My father's X-rays showed Cancer only in the Prostrate.  They say sometimes it
could spread into the bones or spinal cord.  He was happy to hear it did not
spread to these areas.  I think my dad will choose to have the surgery, even
though there are side affects after surgery.

My advice to you would be, try to read books and do alot of research to
educate yourself about this terrible disease.  Hopefully, your father and mine
will recover and live a normal life again.     Good Luck!   Pat

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