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Re: [MOL] Martha !

Hi, Lil,
Sorry but I don't think the food was very good and they did have to make their own beds.  I have a lot of good memories of the place, because most of the time, I could appreciate the humanness in people, no matter the problems they were having.  But I have a lot of rotten memories too. 
What it comes down to mostly, I guess, is that I saw, from my particular jobs, how deinstitutionalization of the mental hospitals was basically conducted by throwing people out on the street.
But enough of that;have to go help the little one with homework.  I think we'll have to keep hoping for winning the Irish Sweepstakes.  We have at least some dad enters all those things.
My adrenals are OK, as far as I know.  But I think my Arimidex somehow effects estrogen cells that come from the adrenals.  I'm not sure; I'll have to look that up again.
Have a blessed Sunday.
Your friend,
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You wrote:   In the psychiatric hospitals where I worked, like Creedmoor, the patients
were "crazy" and therefore not treated with respect by the staff--it was
kind of like well, why waste the time explaining anything to them or even
talking to them, because they won't understand anyway.
Do they have to make their own beds?  How's the food?  I could go with a stint of no responsibility, say six months for a free vacation?
Tell me, has your thyroid affected your adrenal glands at all? I no longer have a thyroid at all, it just shriviled up and died along with very serious adrenal glands damage.  I am thankful that I have come down with diabetics considering it is in my family.  Your friend, lillian