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Re: [MOL] Marty from Nanc

Ih Brother Marty, 
You bet we all need each other, that's the beauty of this forum, we are all
truly there for each other.  I know of no other place like this forum and the
people that make it what it is.  We have brought out the good in each and
every one of us.  We all are just to wonderful for words.  We all are
surrounded and filled with love for each other.
I also know of no other place that's without clicks as we are, we really
understand each others needs, and we all welcome in new members like they are
lost and loved family members, right?  It's as though we are to good to be
true, we all just have to be blessed by God, to have such a wonderful family
of caring, giving, sharing, venting, loving MOL Angels.
Love ya all,
Nanc :-)

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<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Marty from Nanc
 Date:	2/27/99 10:42:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Martin Auslander)
 Dear Nancy,
 I see that as long as I am absent the more brilliant of those are here
 to provide the best of information. That is you and LIl and Carla and
 Nisi and Christine and many others. So  my lurking may have just added
 the impetus for others to be more determined to be caregivers. I am
 grateful to you and all those that have so brilliantly provided info on
 MOl as I know those that are in need are grateful as well. WE need each
 other, for sure.
 God Bless
 marty auslander
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