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[MOL] Re: Please Mam? Wayne's Happy Birthday etc.

Golly Moses, Mam,
I gave up on the years of you and Wayne, until I hear the truth from you, and
I wished I would, they are in the Album as ??  And I still have your
Anniversary wrong, I'll go and fix that now.  Yours is in Sept. on the 10th
right? and what Year, please.....I want the Album to be perfect for all my MOL
Family. :-(
Love ya,
Nanc :-)

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 Thanks for the good wishes all, BUT, our anniversary (Anni! LOL) is Feb,
 28th! Tomorrow for us! The time is now 4pm Sat, 27th.
 Wayne's dad is the 24th, Jess is the 23rd, David is the 26th, confusing,
 ps Nance, does that make Wayne 42 on March 9? Lol According to LIl, I
 must be a cradle snatcher, since she has me turning 53 this year!
 Love Mam (with input from Wayne!)
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