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[MOL] Re: Wayne's Happy Birthday etc.

Hi Dear Daughter Martha,
You have them send it here and I'll put it in the MOL Album for all of us to
Check the Mol album for birthdates, they are corrected according to Mam now.
Waynes birthday is march 9th and Mam's is Sept 10th  Their anniversary was Feb
24th.  http://www.angelfire.com/mi/molers/index.html
Hope you are feeling better now, you take care and know you are loved.
Love ya,
Mom (Nanc) :-)

In a message dated 2/26/99 9:46:34 PM Eastern Standard Time,
mjt8@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< Dear Mam,
 I'm a little confused because they are so many people, but as I read it, I
 hope your David and Wayne's dad had  happy birthdays and that your and Wayne
 have  a super anniversary!
 Send a picture of you or Wayne dodging a kangaroo to the following address,
 and I will believe you,
 Martha Cerreto
 44 Northview Dr.
 Mahopac, NY  10541
 USA >>
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