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Re: [MOL] Seeking treatment locations in Md-Pa-DC-WV

Hi Sandy,
My hubby Don, will be 74 this Aug,  was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer
March 24, 1998, he went through Chemo and radiation.  They didn't expect him
to live much longer then Thanksgiving of that year if that long.  He was
termed cancer free Nov. 7, 1998, and goes for a cat-scan, and lab work the 15,
& 16 of March.  He also has a bad heart and he still beat all odds.  I
attrubute his recovery from the Prayers from the MOL Angels and area Churches
and of course his determanation not to leave me just yet.  He told the Doctors
he will leave for at least another 5 years, he has almost made one.  I did ask
the Doctors for his odds, cause I wanted to know and plan my life and his to
make the best of we may have left.  Let me know what kind his is, as soon as
you find out.  God Bless you adn your family.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc :-)

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] Seeking treatment locations in Md-Pa-DC-WV
 Date:	2/26/99 6:52:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Sandy Carnes)
 Hello, everyone:
 My 76 yr. old  father had a CT scan Wed. and saw the doctor again today.  He
 has been diagnosed with lung cancer throughout his right lung which has
 to at least one lymph node in the chest.  He estimated he has 6 mo. to live.
 His hometown doctor (eastern panhandle of West Virgnia) told him to let him
 on Mon. where he wanted to get his biopsy done.  He will probably go the West
 Virginia University for the biopsy, and of course we'll know more about his
 condition then..  But we wanted to start collecting information as soon as
 possible.   I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has had any
 experience with or (has heard anything about)  really good treatment centers
 the Md-DC-Western Pa-Va-WV area for him so that he can get the best
 And we'd also like to find good books, web sites etc. to check out.
 Thanks so much for any help you can give.

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