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Maybe you should ask your doctor to consider Evista as an alternative to 
Tamoxifen. It may have fewer side effects in your current situation. 
Also try to build up your immune system with alternative treatments and 
natural herbs. You have a difficult decision to make. Pray to god he 
will give the strength to go in the right direction.

Your freind


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>Hi!  This is going to have to be a decision that you make dear friend.  
>There are many serious side effects to the drug Tamoxifen, some being =
>blood clots, cancer of the lining of the uterus and for a pre 
memopausal =
>person, memopause.  So if you go into memopausal, there is no way you =
>will be able to have a baby.  Did the Doctor not discuss this with you?  
>Another thing is that they have found in trials that tamoxifen is =
>ineffective after 5 year's and many studdies say that tamoxifen may =
>(MAY) prevent you from getting Breast Cancer.  I wish I could tell you 
>of something you could take that would be safe enough to permit a 
child; =
>but I don't know of any yet.  I do know that a vacine is in trials for 
>Breast Cancer; however it will no doubt be another year or two before =
>all trials are over and they begin to market it.  I hope I have helped 
>you some.  Your friend, lillian
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>    Date: Monday, February 22, 1999 12:39 PM
>   =20
>   =20
>    Hello, My name is tracy corrado and my mother has breast cancer, Im 
>29 yrs old and my doctor wants me to start taking tomaxafin. Cancer 
runs =
>very high in our family, but i would still like to have another child =
>will taking this drug hurt my chances when we do decide to have a 
nother =
>    =20
>    Thank you for any help.
>    =20

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