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Re: [MOL] testing cancer during staging/ Lil/Liz

Well Lil,

Unless its a shaggy dog story, the car started.

I use my arm all the time and it moves quite well but it still feels like I
have a pad between my body and my arm. I also now know why some women's
clothes always seem to fit them crooked. Mine do too. There is a lack of
balance between the right and left breast. As a result my clothes don't
hang right. I need to find a bra with only one side padded.

Maybe there is a  business opportunity there. Do you think? Maybe not. If I
need one probably thousands of others do too and someone has probably
started manufacturing them. I wonder where I could get one.

As for 20 years down the road, I'll only be 78. I had always planned to
live to at least 120. I figure I am only entering middle age.(at 58) . The
question is, What do I do when I grow up? I am still working on that one.

Love ya

Liz P. Of Yakima

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