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Re: [MOL] The power of prayer !

Hi Sis,
Your a stinker.  I hate cont. stories and Soaps.  I still love ya though.
Your pictures are going out in the mail today, the Disc that is.  The ones
that Carla sent.
Love ya,
Nanc :-)

In a message dated 2/26/99 10:27:14 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< &$  Dear Friends:  I would like to tell you a short story on the power of
prayer Thanks lillian
         At the time I was living in Vermont, we aleady had ample snow on the
ground; but the weather reports stated a blizzard was heading in that evening.
My delimna was that of a few things.  First I had promised a nun I would take
her to hear this really well known minister on a lecture on prayer at the
Univ. of Vt.  Then I am not noted for my driving in any kind of weather and my
husband was none too pleased that I intended to honor my promise.
         Out the door I go, brrr it was windy and cold and that snow was
pelting away.  I made it to the convent.  When the nun greeted me I said
"sister, let's just hope my car will start".  We got in and guess......Right
the battery was dead!
         Since the Univ. was only a few blocks away we descided we would hoof
it to the lecture.
         The lecturer, who's name eludes me, was really great.  He spoke on
how we pray all wrong. " We beg God, we plead, we make promises, we bargin
with Him.  No, no, said the lecturer, if you really want God's help tell Him.
You heard me, tell Him!
         Say something like "Hey God, listen to me, I need your help and I
need it right now.  Now if you really want me to do such and such, then You
are just going to have to help me, that's it".
         Goodness, I never prayed in that manner, I was a begger, pleader,
promiser, the whole nine yards.
         The nun and I walked back to my car.  Now a battery that is dead,
simply does not start when the weather has gotton colder and colder.  I raised
my head to the sky, got into the car and said:  Now listen God, I went to so
much trouble to get to hear the lecture on prayer from this man of cloth, that
now You have to help me!"  I put the key into the ingnition and....
and......and...... to be continued!
                                love you all,  B P
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