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Re: [MOL] tests

Oh, Martha, i can sure see how you'd be in a feeling blue right now.
Waiting and the unknown is just the worst. If i could, i would put on a
tux, mix a pitcher of really good martinis, and show up at your doorstep
with a pitcher and 2 glasses on a silver tray with a red rose. I'd knock
on the door, give you a huge hug, and we'd sit around, drink those
martini's and tell bad jokes! Or not! But mostly I wish I could give you
that huuuuuge hug, will a {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{BIG
CYBER-HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} do for now?

Just know I am thinking of you and praying for you, love, Joicy

mjt8 wrote:
> Hi Molers,
> I went for my scans yesterday...So now, I wait.  I am feeling real blue.
> Waiting is horrible.  I got real nervous Wednesday night and called my
> doctor.  She wasn't there, but I got, what sounded like some young kid on
> call.  I told him I was nervous because I had an appointment with the big
> bagel the next day.  After I told him what the big bagel was, he asked,
> well, do you have anything in the house to calm you down.  I told him, I
> have some tranxene in a small dose, (3.75).  So he said, why don't you take
> that.  I said I'd rather have a martini.  So he said, do you have anything
> in the house to make one.  I said no.  It was a very unsatisfying
> conversation.
> I left the house about 8:30 to get to Sloan and left NYC about 4:30 to go
> home. They took an awful long time with the bone scan doing the usual scan
> of the body, some special pictures of my chest, and then something I never
> had before, which they called a 360* look, where the machine sort of went
> around me in a circle.
> Afterwards, I got up and saw the attendant looking at my pictures on the
> computer.   I seem to have spots the same places I had before--my breast
> bone, a couple of ribs, one vertebrae, and one on my hip.   I asked to see
> the doctor.  They said I couldn't.  So I walked into the viewing room
> myself.  I just said that it seemed to have taken a very long time...longer
> than it had took before... and I wanted to know why.  Luckily, the doctor
> was nice and came and talked to me.  He said what do you know----I told him
> I know about the spots I said above.  He said I was right, that's what they
> saw and they didn't see anything else.
> If only they didn't glow on the damn pictures so much.  What about        a
> nice little pinpoint flashlight glow?  Or what about no glows?  I feel like
> knitting a blanket around myself, getting into bed and staying there the
> rest of my days.
> While I'm in the blanket, I'll wait to hear from the doctor.
> One down chick,
> Martha Cerreto
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