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[MOL] tests

Hi Molers,

I went for my scans yesterday...So now, I wait.  I am feeling real blue.
Waiting is horrible.  I got real nervous Wednesday night and called my
doctor.  She wasn't there, but I got, what sounded like some young kid on
call.  I told him I was nervous because I had an appointment with the big
bagel the next day.  After I told him what the big bagel was, he asked,
well, do you have anything in the house to calm you down.  I told him, I
have some tranxene in a small dose, (3.75).  So he said, why don't you take
that.  I said I'd rather have a martini.  So he said, do you have anything
in the house to make one.  I said no.  It was a very unsatisfying

I left the house about 8:30 to get to Sloan and left NYC about 4:30 to go
home. They took an awful long time with the bone scan doing the usual scan
of the body, some special pictures of my chest, and then something I never
had before, which they called a 360* look, where the machine sort of went
around me in a circle.

Afterwards, I got up and saw the attendant looking at my pictures on the
computer.   I seem to have spots the same places I had before--my breast
bone, a couple of ribs, one vertebrae, and one on my hip.   I asked to see
the doctor.  They said I couldn't.  So I walked into the viewing room
myself.  I just said that it seemed to have taken a very long time...longer
than it had took before... and I wanted to know why.  Luckily, the doctor
was nice and came and talked to me.  He said what do you know----I told him
I know about the spots I said above.  He said I was right, that's what they
saw and they didn't see anything else.

If only they didn't glow on the damn pictures so much.  What about        a
nice little pinpoint flashlight glow?  Or what about no glows?  I feel like
knitting a blanket around myself, getting into bed and staying there the
rest of my days.

While I'm in the blanket, I'll wait to hear from the doctor.

One down chick,

Martha Cerreto

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