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Dear Sirs:

	My 51 year old mother underwent surgery for the removal of her right
parotid gland almost 2 years ago.  After the entire gland was removed and
tested 3 times, it was found to be benign.  She suffered from a traumatic
recovery, as her face drooped, her eye would not close, and she had lost
almost all of her sensation and hearing in her right ear.  After 2 years of
continuous recovery, her sight is almost back to normal, her face is
symmetrical, but she still experiences numbness and "shooting pains"
throughout the right side of the face and the  right ear.

	She informed me that she found another lump (in December) on the right
side of her neck, below where here surgery was performed.  It isn't obvious
to the sight (as her other one was), but when you feel her neck you can
tell the obvious difference.  The lump appears to be the size of a lima
bean and very hard.  She is expressing reluctance to visit the doctor
again.  I guess I am curious as to the reoccurrence of this problem.  Is
there more than one parotid gland on the right side of the face?  Could her
previous surgery have effected another gland?

	I appreciate any information that you could provide me with on this
subject.  Thank you.

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