[MOL] A GOOD LAUG ABOUT ROLLING PINS ! [03335] Medicine On Line

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Dear Friends on MOL !
Being a person that her mother used to call "witty to a fault"  I am afraid that sometimes I am not taken seriously.  We had a discussion with Carl if you remember and here is what she says now, after doing all the laughing....
First of all, I need to give full credit to our whiz kid Lil... When I was first faced with the cellulite dilema.. she said to use a rolling pin and I of course thought she was pulling a fast one on me...  Well on our news last night, it said what to do about cellulite...  Get a rolling pin and roll it!!  NO LIE!!   Gosh I hate having to give you credit for knowing this lil!!  LOL!!  How many rolls a day??  :-) Since it is painless and fast do as much as your would like.  Also a good way to loose in the hips and butt is to bang against a wall in your house.......some more laughs anyone?  lillian