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-Hi Patti:  Sounds as though your mom could use a anti-depressant.  There are some really good one's on the market and most doctors will prescribe them for someone who has had major surgery or serious illness.  That's the first step.  Secondly uterine cancer is curable; so tell her I said she is going to live and best enjoy life to the fullest.  Make sure she is only around positive people and let her talk about her cancer, her feelings.  Now to get her built back up which is also very important.  If she has no other health problems, I would suggest that you get soy milk (don't say what it is) it comes in flavors, and make her milkshakes out of it.
This will be both very healthy for her and put on some weight pretty fast.  Then no matter what she says, and fatigue goes with cancer, take her out to visit a friend, or for a ride, or church, what ever she likes to do.  Getting out of the house helps a lot also.  I think you should find a new mother in no time.  Good luck and keep us posted on her progress.  Now about you:  Are you your mother's caregiver?  Please know we have wonderful people on line who have a unique way of lifting your spirit up also, they can give you all kinds of helpful hints with caregiving.  Most importantly if you are her loving caregiver, know that we are here for you also as both your mother and yourself walk this journey.  Much luck, your friend, lillian
My name is Patti and I found this list last evening after a search....
My reason for looking for such a group is that I need to talk about the things going on in my life.
My mother was dx with ovarian cancer recently. She had no symptoms, just a feeling that all wasn't well.
Her doctor thought she had high B/P, put her on meds and followed up with monthly visits.
She started to lose wt., lots of it, going from 140 lbs. down to 115lbs. in three months. The doc. ordered
a scan of her stomach area and this is how they found the cancer. She had a total hysterectomy in mid January.
Now she hasn't been back to her old self since. She has totally lost her appetite, her wt. now at about 80lbs.
She just came home from the hosp. for a blood clot in her leg- that was due to lack of mobility, which is due to
lack of nutrition. Currently, she is just always on her couch. She won't eat or drink. She hates to even think
of getting up for a brief walk. She is 72 yrs. old, and not acting like herself at all.
I guess I feel guilty for even expecting her to walk, eat, drink...Is all this common?
The doctors all say her cancer is treatable, but she needs to do her part first...
Thanks for listening..Patti