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Re: [MOL] PAM/Nanc/Shona

Hi Sis (Lil),
Shona, Bebo and I all thank you, you are truly a sweetheart.
Love ya,
Us three  LOL
Shona, Bebo and Nanc. :-)  And Pam too.

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] PAM/Nanc/Shona
 Date:	2/25/99 7:43:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (firefly)
 Bebo is too much, certainly resembles us proud, fabulous picture.  The albun
just looks better and better all the time.  I like the yellow print on the
home page, makes it really easy to read.  And oh!  Now we are attributed to
having to bathing beauties.  That just gives us the picture of good health and
that we are not someone that doesn't have the fight in them.  Love it all, I
say this most sincerely and lovingly to all our molers.  Your friend, lillian
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