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[MOL] Depression and Diet

Dear Molers:
Quite regularly, the subject of depression has come up on this forum...I
thought the attached link might be helpful to some. In it P. Holford
discusses many aspects of depression and how it may be related to diet,
with suggestions on what improvements to make in diets to combat this
problem....come on, we ALL know we can make changes in our diet !!!
Patrick Holford is the nutrition "guru" in England.  He is currently on
tour in the States and I will be attending his lecture in Atlanta on
March 19...sponsored by the Natural Marketplace where I do all my
shopping for organic products.  He wrote a book on nutrition which is a
top bestseller...The Optimum Nutrition Bible...He's making stops in most
major cities over the next month...If anyone is interested in any info,
let me know please.  Love. Cori.
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