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My favorite was soaking the green raisens in gin; but why can we only have 9
a day?  A hardy laugh! Your friend, lillian

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>Did You Know...
>A little vinegar in your 'rinse water', will cut down on water spots when
>dishes are drip dried...
>Ladies, I am sure you have tried to sharpen those new eyebrow pencils and
>found there is no way to get them sharpened to a real point. Well, I have
>found that if you freeze it, and then sharpen it right out of the freezer -
>you will get a much sharper point.
>To cut down on the germs on your dish rags or sponges (and thus counter
>pour about 1 1/2 teaspoon of regular bleach in the dishwater. This not only
>keeps the dish rag cleaner, it also helps cut down on the counter top
>Just make sure to rinse well in water.
>The quickest way to heal an open cut, is to use 'honey' in lieu of an
>ointment. I have known of doctors adding sugar to ointments, so I have no
>doubt the honey will work even better!
>Contibuted by Doris, February 1998. Thanks Doris!
>Know what models use for those puffy eyes? They apply Preperation H to that
>puffy area under the eye for about 20 minutes before applying make up!
>about it.... It works!
>You can burn candles to take odor out of a sick persons room. It also cuts
>that cigarette smell down.
>Get rid of those perfume room deodorizers in the bathroom. Put a box of
>matches in there! When a bowel movement is in order, just light a match
>the process. The sulpher in the match burns the 'gas' that causes the
>Carrying a pack of matches to a restroom also cuts out that embarrassment
>in public restrooms.
>Depressed? All you may need is 1-3 grams of the amino acid tyrosine daily,
>one-half hour before you eat. Tyrosine (the natural form) converts to
>norepinephrine in the brain which promotes good moods, motivation, and
>Have gas and indigestion? Try taking activated charcoal capsules. 1-2 taken
>after a meal absorb intestinal gas very quickly! Or you can try chewing
>caraway seeds or mixing 3-4 drops of caraway extract in one cup of liquid.
>Have insomnia? Try valerian root. It works wonders for inducing sleep. And
>is completely natural!
>Over do it working out? Essential oils offer astonishing relief. Especially
>oil of rosemary and juniper berry, both revive tired muscles and clear your
>Stains on clothing, carpet, furniture, etc.? Is it patroleum based?
>motor oil, tar, paint, etc.) Spay WD40 on the area and scrub with a clean
>cloth. It will remove the stain garanteed! However, you must then take warm
>hot water with Dawn liquid detergent and scrub the area again, as the WD40
>will leave the area oily. Yes, it has to be Dawn as it is the only true
>'grease cutter'.
>Wd40 also removes adhesives and gum from all surfices.
>Ground cloves will relieve a toothache or gum boil just as quick (if not
>better than) any store bought remedy?
>WD40 will relieve that throbbing ache of arthritis? Just spray on affected
>joint and rub in for a few seconds.
>Ginger (as in Ginger Snap cookies and Ginger Bread) will stop motion
>Ketchup is good for cleaning up brass?
>Nail Polish will kill chiggers, paper mites, any kind of mite that gets
>the skin? Just apply to the bits once a day.
>Vasoline will smother dermatitis type fungus. Just cover area with vasoline
>and keep the area bandaged daily. It will stop the itching and eventually
>fungus will die.
>To stop those arthritis attacks take 1 pkg. of Yellow Raisins & soaked in
>pint (15 oz) of Gin in a "clear glass bowl" for 7 to 9 days (with a loose
>cover to keep out dust). Leave out on the counter, stir once or twice a day
>during marinating and then when the gin taste is gone eat nine (9) ONLY
>day and you will notice a drastic improvement. You will still wake up stiff
>and swollen, but not aching. This does not cure arthritis, but it does make
>life bearable.
>Those so called toad warts kids get on their hands and fingers can be
>Just before bedtime poke the top of the wart with a clean needle just so
>the wart is open so to speak (it's just dead skin). Cut the end off of a
>potato and tape it on top on the wart every night for a few nights and the
>wart will disappear!
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