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Re: [MOL] Pam

Dear Pam - thanks for the instructions...yours and mine must be different because I went into every pull down of every icon on my toolbar and it just doesn't exist,...boohoo - I'd love to be able to add smiley faces etc.  I did discover how people bring images and text from the web into email though - so I did learn something.  Will have to practice though.  Take care. Thanks and love. Cori.

deerfork wrote:

 Whenever you are composing any type of message (reply; forward; new), you should have a toolbar at the top with file, edit, view, insert, format, tools, help, etc.  The HTML is under the format pull down menu!  It is called rich text on mine with html in parenthesis.  YOU are not dumb!  I just learned all this stuff through trial and error and too much time on my hands!  Good luck!  Love, Pam