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Did You Know...

A little vinegar in your 'rinse water', will cut down on water spots when
dishes are drip dried...

Ladies, I am sure you have tried to sharpen those new eyebrow pencils and
found there is no way to get them sharpened to a real point. Well, I have
found that if you freeze it, and then sharpen it right out of the freezer -
you will get a much sharper point.

To cut down on the germs on your dish rags or sponges (and thus counter tops),
pour about 1 1/2 teaspoon of regular bleach in the dishwater. This not only
keeps the dish rag cleaner, it also helps cut down on the counter top germs!
Just make sure to rinse well in water.

The quickest way to heal an open cut, is to use 'honey' in lieu of an
ointment. I have known of doctors adding sugar to ointments, so I have no
doubt the honey will work even better!

Contibuted by Doris, February 1998. Thanks Doris!

Know what models use for those puffy eyes? They apply Preperation H to that
puffy area under the eye for about 20 minutes before applying make up! Think
about it.... It works!

You can burn candles to take odor out of a sick persons room. It also cuts
that cigarette smell down.

Get rid of those perfume room deodorizers in the bathroom. Put a box of
matches in there! When a bowel movement is in order, just light a match during
the process. The sulpher in the match burns the 'gas' that causes the smell!
Carrying a pack of matches to a restroom also cuts out that embarrassment when
in public restrooms.

Depressed? All you may need is 1-3 grams of the amino acid tyrosine daily,
one-half hour before you eat. Tyrosine (the natural form) converts to
norepinephrine in the brain which promotes good moods, motivation, and drive.

Have gas and indigestion? Try taking activated charcoal capsules. 1-2 taken
after a meal absorb intestinal gas very quickly! Or you can try chewing
caraway seeds or mixing 3-4 drops of caraway extract in one cup of liquid.

Have insomnia? Try valerian root. It works wonders for inducing sleep. And it
is completely natural!

Over do it working out? Essential oils offer astonishing relief. Especially
oil of rosemary and juniper berry, both revive tired muscles and clear your

Stains on clothing, carpet, furniture, etc.? Is it patroleum based? (lipstick,
motor oil, tar, paint, etc.) Spay WD40 on the area and scrub with a clean
cloth. It will remove the stain garanteed! However, you must then take warm to
hot water with Dawn liquid detergent and scrub the area again, as the WD40
will leave the area oily. Yes, it has to be Dawn as it is the only true
'grease cutter'.

Wd40 also removes adhesives and gum from all surfices.

Ground cloves will relieve a toothache or gum boil just as quick (if not
better than) any store bought remedy?

WD40 will relieve that throbbing ache of arthritis? Just spray on affected
joint and rub in for a few seconds.

Ginger (as in Ginger Snap cookies and Ginger Bread) will stop motion sickness?

Ketchup is good for cleaning up brass?

Nail Polish will kill chiggers, paper mites, any kind of mite that gets under
the skin? Just apply to the bits once a day.

Vasoline will smother dermatitis type fungus. Just cover area with vasoline
and keep the area bandaged daily. It will stop the itching and eventually the
fungus will die.

To stop those arthritis attacks take 1 pkg. of Yellow Raisins & soaked in one
pint (15 oz) of Gin in a "clear glass bowl" for 7 to 9 days (with a loose
cover to keep out dust). Leave out on the counter, stir once or twice a day
during marinating and then when the gin taste is gone eat nine (9) ONLY every
day and you will notice a drastic improvement. You will still wake up stiff
and swollen, but not aching. This does not cure arthritis, but it does make
life bearable.

Those so called toad warts kids get on their hands and fingers can be removed.
Just before bedtime poke the top of the wart with a clean needle just so that
the wart is open so to speak (it's just dead skin). Cut the end off of a
potato and tape it on top on the wart every night for a few nights and the
wart will disappear!

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