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[MOL] Laughing for me is a....

Hey just to give you all a chuckle
It's really too bad I can't snort on this line because all this ha ha he he ho
doesn't really SHOW THE REAL ME.

I'm a snorter.  When I laugh sometimes I laugh and then finish it with a good
ol snort.
My son gets a kick out of this and now he has developed his own snort.

When I worked I had attended many meetings and during the lunch breaks during
those meetings people would tell funny jokes and in the back was little ol me 
(100 lbs of me) and everyone would hear "SNORT SNORT". 

The company I worked for was a defense company and the Navy, Army, Marines
would always be there and these guys would CHUCKLE at my SNORT.  Then I had a
MONKEY LAUGH to go along with that.  But people would see a skinny with such a
funny laugh.  Before you knew it the whole bunch was laughing.

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