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Re: [MOL] Judy Your A Mess !

Dear Kathy,
So sorry it took me so long to answer you, but as you know with work I haven't
been on my computer in a week. Gosh had over 1000 e-mails, Yes I am doing
great. yes, the fatigue is still there. The dr. said it would take me about 2
months also to recover. But, feeling better every day. Sure have missed you
yes I did go to 6 parades, but, set down for most of them. And on Mardi Gras
Day. I just sleep the day away. Didn't wake up until 4pm. and back to bed at
Nanc, thanks for the letter about Les. Sure going to miss his since of humor.
He was such a sweetie pie. And my scanner is broken so if you could e-mail me
your address, I'll send my rat picture to you. LOL.
Judy Simonds
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