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[MOL] About Endostatin and Angiogenesis

WE are all praying that these inhibitors work. The following may provide
some more insight as to progress of studies.

Dear All,
Hemoncdoc wrote:
"I believe the easiest explanation for why we hope
Endostatin/Angiostatin will far surpass these 1st generation inhibitors
is found in Dr. Folkman's chapter on angiogenesis in DeVita's Cancer
Medicine text. There Dr. Folkman gives a scale ranking of the %
inhibition of angiogenesis seen with various agents in one of the
commonly used murine tumor models. Where Thalidomide and Interferon
inhibit growth in the 30%-50% range, Endostatin/Angiostatin are
99-99.99% inhibitory."

Now, here is the scale Hemoncdoc referred to. Taken from CANCER:
Principles & Practice of Oncology, Volume 2, 5th Edition, by Vincent T.
DeVita, Jr., Samuel Hellman, and Steven A. Rosenberg.

Table 64-3. Antiangiogenic Therapy (Lewis Lung Carcinoma)
Year           Inhibitor                Treatment/Control    %Inhibition
1980           Interferon-a/b                  0.75                 25
1982           Platelet factor 4               0.50                 50
1990           TNP-470                         0.35                 65
1995           Interlukin-12                   0.15                 85
1994           Angiostatin (human)             0.13                 87
1996           Angiostatin (mouse)             0.01                 99
Unpublished    Endostatin (mouse)             0.001                 99

Note: In Dr. Folkman's internet speech, he noted that Lewis Lung
Carcinoma was one of most difficult to treat, and that is what was used
in this scale ranking.

God Bless
marty auslander
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