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[MOL] TaxACT 98 Software only $9.95

Developed by a team of experienced accountants and programmers, TaxACT
is the latest in personal income tax preparation software. TaxACT makes
completing your taxes easier than ever! Never again worry about doing
your taxes, let TaxACT do it for you!

Let me skip the details, I'm ready to order!:


Enter Your Return Data. TaxACT gathers the information needed to
complete your return. It interviews you, asking only the questions that
pertain to your situation. Then it automatically calculates your return,
placing your information on the appropriate tax form.

Review Your Return. The Alerts feature reviews your entire return for
errors and missing information. The Review process will issue Red Alerts
that require your immediate attention, Yellow Alerts which will need to
be addressed before you file your return and Green Alerts that are tax
saving advice regarding your return. Green Alerts are like deduction
finders that point out ways save money on your taxes!

File Your Return. Once the calculations are done, you choose how you
wish to file -- print IRS approved forms and schedules, or
electronically file. You can print on your own paper, using a
dot-matrix, ink-jet, or laser printer. For an even quicker refund
(usually within 2-3 weeks), you may electronically file

Take me to the ClubMail web site for the full details!:


View your tax refund or amount you owe
-It's always displayed, so you'll know  where you stand at all times.

Two easy ways to enter data
-You choose how you enter data. TaxACT gives you the option of entering
 data using the Interview or you can enter data directly onto the
 appropriate forms and schedules.

It's in there!
-TaxACT includes all commonly used forms, schedules and worksheets.
 Forms 1040; Schedules A, B, C,D, E, F, H, J, R, EIC, SE, K-1 Input;
 and Forms 1116, 2106, 2119, 2210, 2441, 3903, 4136, 4562, 4684, 4797,
 4835, 4868, 4869, 6251, 6252, 8283, 8453, 8582, 8606, 8615, 8812, 8814,
 8829, 8863 and more.

Two easy ways to enter data
-You choose how you enter data. TaxACT gives you the option of entering
 data using the Interview or you can enter data directly onto the
 appropriate forms and schedules.

View your tax refund or amount you owe
-It's always displayed, so you'll know where you stand at all times.
 Just click on the Refund button on the toolbar to review your Tax 

Multiple occurrences of supporting forms
-No problem. TaxACT allows you to enter as many copies of a supporting
 form as necessary. If you changed jobs in the middle of the year and 
 have two W-2 forms, it's no problem for TaxACT!

Depreciation Calculator
-Just enter your depreciable assets and TaxACT Depreciation Calculator
 will automatically calculate your annual depreciation! Also lets you
 track the depreciation you've already taken and tells you what you can
 take in future years!

Unlimited number of returns
-There's no limit to the number of returns you can complete. Use it to
 do your neighbor's, friend's, in-law's, and uncle's return.

Electronic Filing
-For the fastest refund, file electronically. TaxACT includes the
 software you need to prepare your return for electronic filing. There
 is a $7.95 Electronic Filing fee.

Online Help is only a click away!
-TaxACT includes in-product online help to guide you through using the

Seamless transfer of your federal data to your state return.
-TaxACT automatically interfaces with your State version once it is 
 installed. If you don't have a State version installed, TaxACT will
 launch your web browser so you can download it from the TaxACT.com web
 site immediately!

Order your copy today -- Click below:


With TaxACT '98 State edition, your resident state taxes are calculated
automatically as you complete your federal return. No duplicating
information to complete your state tax return! Simply let TaxACT State
review your return for missing information then print your paper return,
mail it to the IRS and you're done!

TaxACT is an integrated solution, so once you've entered your federal
information, it is automatically transferred and calculated by your
State edition.

There's no need to enter your information twice when TaxACT can do it
for you!

Click below to order your TaxACT '98:

Our Thanks,


P.S. April is just around the corner, don't be caught at the last minute
again this year!

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