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Re: [MOL] Cori !

Dear Lil - I was so tired last night after work, plus my youngest was really sick all eve..he kept throwing up ...must have been a touch of food poisoning. he said he really felt sick after this pizza he I just got into bed instead....The reason I was tired was kind of funny/cute...The night before I work with a start about 3:00 a.m. sure I'd heard a phone - I got up to check my voice mail (because I hate 3 am calls, they're never to tell you you won the lottery that's for sure)...and saw I had a fax.  A real special friend who lives down the road was faxing me to ask me if I wanted to go play in the snow since it was so beautiful outside....I sent a fax back, telling him that yes it was really pretty, all Christmas card like pretty winter wonderland, but that my own warm bed was more no angels in the snow or snowball fights for me thanks.  Then back comes another fax  asking me "why aren't you sound's 3 am ???..." Well, guess what my response was duh" I WAS sound asleep (was being the operative phrase) until some crazy bozo sent me a fax inviting me to go play in the snow!!!!...Good night...then of course I was wide awake ......and no I did not go out in the snow to play, I read various chapters of a good book I'm reading.....Numbered Account, all about Swiss Banking... Anyway, dear Lil, does that answer why I wasn't on line much last night...I was really really tired since I'd only had about 4 hrs sleep the night before.  I did send out a couple of postings....Ricky had asked for a bunch of info for his Mom...and asked for very detailed info re what I take...I didn't hear from him again...He's so upset and worried .  understandably so...Well I'm rambling...good top of the morn to ya....Love. Cori.

firefly wrote:

 Was looking forward to some of your cheerfulness tonight; ah, I must go get my beauty sleep now.  Your friend, Lillian