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Re: [MOL] Pam

Don said it must have been about 13 years ago and that we were out there and
we met at some fast food place right near the highway if I recall right, maybe
a Kentucky Fried Chicken place.  Seems like they lived in the country near the
hills, cause they talked about going to the hills to cut wood for their heat.
Her Daughter lives about a mile from us and she keeps house like her Mother
out there, a path to each room.  I don't knock it, I just wouldn't like living
that way.  Did you take a look at BEBO in the album?
Love ya Nanc :-)

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should be immediate!  smile:  J  frown: L ("L" key)     straight face: K ("K"
key) - all of these are done with the "shift" key!  Good luck!  Pam
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