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[MOL] Martha: regarding Creedmore

Hi Martha
Just one thing about Creedmore.  My dad's sister was in there many many years
ago.  But unfortunately she died there.
One of these days I will search the Geneology websites and search for his
He was one of 15 children.  I was named after my dad's mom Pauline (eventhough
my mom shortened to Paula).
I knew some of my dad's sisters and brother but not all.
I'm not in contact anylonger with my dad's family and it makes me sad. Alot of
them just are spread out all over.  I truly want to find my cousins.  The last
time I saw one of my Aunts was when I confirmed my cousin in the early 80's.
My mom really wants me to do this FOR ME.

Everytime I see Creedmore name I reminisce about my family.

In fact, tonite I will start that journey and find them.
Thanks for memories
Love ya much

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