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RE: [MOL] Question for ladys night out

Pam:  I agree with you one hundred percent!  I tried one of those glass elevators on the side of a huge hotel in Vegas once.  It was horrible.  I also rode on that cable car outside of Palm Springs.  I stood in the middle of the car clutching a pole.  Couldn't even look out the window.  People who aren't afraid of heights don't understand us, but you and I know what it's like and it isn't fun!  Love, Kathy
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I'm with you on that one, Kathy!  I went in the Sears Tower once and stayed plastered to the inner walls near the elevator on that "lovely" observation deck!  I also went in the St. Louis arch once and have had bad images about it tipping me into the river ever since!  Getting bucked off a horse is the highest I ever want to go....Nanc and Frank can do my adventuring for me, what do you think?!  Pam