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[MOL] *** Study finds middle age enjoyable

Good Morning My FRiends,

Found the following information to be of some interest.

CHICAGO (AP) - Far from being a time of failing health, personal
turmoil and the "midlife crisis," middle age for many is the most
fulfilling time of life, according to a new study. The 10-year study
sponsored by the John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation, made public
in several news reports Tuesday, undermines many beliefs about middle
age. "We have this public image of midlife being full of stress, but
(midlifers') sense of control is good and their sense of well-being
is good," said social psychologist Orville Gilbert Brim, director of
the MacArthur Foundation's Network on Successful Midlife Development
and president of Life Trends Inc., a Florida-based consulting
business hired by MacArthur to conduct the study. The MacArthur
Foundation said the study is the largest ever done on midlife. See

God Bless
marty auslander
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