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RE: [MOL] RE: Martha

Hi Martha:  This Augmentin (875 mg 2 x per day) has worked great.  This is
the first time since January that my breathing is somewhat normal.  There is
a price to pay in the rest room but I am not complaining because I DO like
breathing.  The things we become happy with are amazing.  I have a sign on
my desk that says "If you don't enjoy what you have, how could you be
happier with more".  I remember going through a period in my life when I
thought things represented happiness......

Speaking of New York get togethers - Last year I met a woman with SCLC from
Staten Island (Corrinne and her husband), at a NY gettogether, I was
wondering if anyone has heard from her at all.  I tried calling her twice
several months ago and she was not feeling good and didn't take my call.  I
have since lost her #, if anyone still has it I would like to try again.
When the weather gets warmer, I would be available to meet God willing.

Take care Martha, your friend June A.

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> Dear June,
> I never got so many of the details of all you've been through.  You poor
> awful!  Keep posting, you have so much knowledge.  I had a bad
> lung infection too plus we all got the flu.  I hope this antibiotic does
> it.
> We New Yorkers all have to get together!
> Lots of Love and Hugs,
> Your Friend,
> Martha
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> Date: Monday, February 22, 1999 2:48 PM
> Subject: [MOL] RE:
> >Hi Erika:
> >
> >I was diagnosed 9/2/97 with Broncho Alveolar Cell Carcinoma (Stage 4).
> With
> >no treatment they gave me 6 to 12 mos to live.  With treatment maybe 1
> 1/2
> >to 2 yrs.  I had surgery in 10/97 and they took 2 wedge resections of rt.
> >upper lung, one lymph node, and a piece of the tumor in lower rt. lung.
> >Tumor was 3 x 4 cm.  They left it in because it was in lymph node and
> >because I also have emphsema and they felt if they took it I would end up
> >bed ridden due to lack of oxygen. ( Hospital was Sloan Kettering)  So
> then
> I
> >went for chemo at Sloan.  Vinblastine and Mitomycin November thru
> January.
> >I ended up being taken from Penn Sta. in Manhattan by ambulance to NY
> >Cornell Hosp. because I almost dropped dead after my last chemo treatment
> of
> >that round.  At that point I decided that I didn't want anymore chemo.  I
> >have changed the way I eat and try to drink a lot more wate and I also
> take
> >a lot of vitamings.  In October of 1998 I had Stereotactic Body
> Radiosurgery
> >at Staten Island Hosp. (5 treatments) entirely painless.  The tumor got
> >smaller, it was 2 x 3 cm. when I had the last CT Scan in early December.
> I
> >still work full time and go to cardio karate on a fairly regular basis up
> >until Jan.  I had that terrible virus that is going around and I am
> almost
> >recuperated at this point.  I go for another CT Scan in early April.
> Those
> >results will be sent to Staten Island Hosp. and we take it from there.
> They
> >will see if it is still shrinking or if it decides to grow someplace
> else.
> >Anything is possible.  Just another tidbit, I took anti anxiety pills
> >(Zoloft) for about a month until I could think clearly about this cancer
> >without crying.  I also took Lorazepam to sleep for about a year.  Each
> case
> >is different and you have to try to think positive.  I went to a cancer
> >group for a while which was helpful.  I also see a Hypnotherapist about
> once
> >a month just for relaxation.  You will get tons of additional information
> >from this on line group.  My email address is, if
> you
> >have any questions.
> >
> >Your friend June
> >
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> >> Subject: [MOL] Lung cancer survivors
> >>
> >> Dear survivors,
> >> I am looking to speak to people who have survived lung cancer.  I have
> >> been
> >> diagnosed with Stage III B a few months ago and am feeling very
> >> discouraged.
> >> The news is always bad and I would like to hear about what some
> survivors
> >> did
> >> while going through this ordeal.  I can seem to find anyone who has had
> >> lung
> >> cancer and can share their feelings with me.  Please respond if you
> have
> >> any
> >> spare time,  I would greatly appreciate it.  My e-mail address is
> >>
> >>
> >> Thank you
> >> Erika
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