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Re: [MOL] Photo Album

Kathy:  Funny you should ask that!  Silver and Ringo are my new pals - I just got them two weeks ago and they are great fun!  These guys are older but they still are fast at whatever they do, which mostly involves catching zzzzzzzz's....heehee...but typing could be a plus if they learn to spell!  Silver torments the dogs endlessly!  He is not afraid of any of them including the Great Pyrenese but the cats are absolutely horrified of him!  He is so ugly because he had a allergic reaction to sawdust and lost all his hair and it is in the process of returning but very sparcely!  Ringo is a sweetie - he licks your face whenever you pick him up and has nice, soft, fluffy fur and smells MUCH better than stinky Silver!  Both are good for comic relief!  Anytime you leave clothing or loose rugs on the floor, guess what's under it?!  My brother even found one in his bed the other about characters!  Anyways, can you tell they are new to me?!  Take care...Pam