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[MOL] Tahitian Noni Juice Information

There has been some discussion of late regarding Tahitian Noni Juice.  
The following is posted  to be considered for information purposes only 
and is offered as a contribution toward the posted discussion.  There is 
no sales solicitation involved or implied.  Nor is this to be considered 
argumentive or in rebuttal.  The poster's personal opinions, comments or 
statements are not quoted.  The material presented below is compiled 
from seperate published sources.  Again, this is intended as information 
only.  Please read only if this is of interest to you.  Thank you.

The health benefits of consuming Tahitian Noni Juice are continuing to 
be confirmed by science, including the prevention or elimination of 
cancerous cells.  Indeed, isoflavones found in Noni juice have been 
found to inhibit angiogenesis, the growth of blood vessels used to 
supply a cancer tumor with nourishment for growth.  Protease inhibitors, 
such as damnacanthal, have been proven to prevent the activation of 
genes that cause cancer, and can actually change a cancerous cell back 
to its healthy precancerous state.  

Some of the most recent research conducted using noni has been with the 
substance damnacanthal.  While searching for substances that would 
induce a normal structure in abnormal K-ras-NRK cells (pre-cancer 
cells), four Japanese scientists came across the damnacanthal found in 
noni.  Their experiments centered around isolating ras cells, which are 
precursors to many malignant growths, and then injecting the cells with 
damnacanthal taken from the chloroform extract of noni.  Researchers 
observed that the damnacanthal injection significantly inhibited the ras 
cells from reproducing.  Out of 500 plant extracts, M. Citrifolia 
contained the most effective compounds against ras cells.  They 
concluded that "damnacanthal is a new inhibitor of ras function.

A later study conducted at the University of Hawaii showed similar 
positive results regarding noni and its use as an anti-cancer agent.  
Researchers in Hawaii reported that mice clinically infected with Lewis 
lung carcinoma (LLC) and left untreated died within nine to twelve days.  
However, mice infected with the same strain of LLC and then injected 
with an extract from noni juice lived significantly longer.  More than 
half (thirteen out of twenty two) of the treated mice survived over 
fifty days, and four of those mice continued to live.  On average, the 
noni juice extract prolonged the life span of the infected mice by 119 
percent.  The scientists concluded that the noni extract acts as an 
inhibitor to the LLC infection by indirectly enhancing the macrophages 
and lymphocytes activity in a mouse's immune system.

Cancer cells seek high levels of nitrogen.  Nitrogen molecules attached 
to the isoflavones act as a "bait" to delude cancer cells into ingesting 
not only the nitrogen but also the anticancer agents.  Essiac Tea does 
not produce the same health benefits of Noni Juice.  Not only does 
Essiac Tea lack the concentration of isoflavones, protein, vitamins, 
selenium, antioxidants, and protease- inhibitors found in Noni Juice, it 
is not in a usable form and does not have the bound nitrogen molecule 
that baits the cancer cells to ingest nutrients that can ultimately 
diminish the ability of the cancer to survive.

Beyond the chemistry of why Tahitian Noni Juice can greatly improve the 
quality of life in cancer patients, there is a sense of hope and relief 
associated with its use.  A greater sense of well being and peace is 
evident in users, which is distinctly different from the emotional state 
of cancer patients who use more aggressive immunosuppresive treatments.  
It is well documented that individuals who feel more in control of their 
own health care are better able to manage their condition and often 
experience cancer remission.  Knowing about such nutritional supports as 
Tahitian Noni Juice provides hope.  There are numerous reports from 
cancer patients who have, at the very least, experienced decreased 
suffering.  The facts about Tahitian Noni Juice, as well as the amount 
of hope that it provides cancer patients, together lead to perhaps some 
of the most healing events that can occur.

Studies have shown Tahitian Noni Juice's potential to stimulate the 
immune system, regulate proper cell function and actually regenerate 
damaged cells.  Tahitian Noni Juice is also considered a strong blood 
purifier, it cleanses the body of harmful bacteria and is very effective 
against fungus and parasites.

Biochemist Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered the essential ingredient in 
Noni juice.  His work led to an understanding of xeronine, an alkaloid 
so basic to the functioning of proteins that we would die without it.  
Noni juice contains proxeronine, the important substance needed by the 
body to produce xeronine.  Encapsulated powdered or tablet form of Noni 
does not contain proxeronine.  According to Dr. Heinecke, "Increasing 
the production of xeronine in our bodies can help cure various 
manifestations of diseases such as cancer, senility, arthritis, high 
blood pressure, and low blood pressure."  He says that  Noni juice works 
at the cellular level to cause cellular regeneration.

Is it any wonder that a well respected physician (Dr. Scott Gerson, 
Foundation for Holistic Medical Research; Executive Director, National 
Holistic Health Institute; Member, American Medical Association; Family 
Physician, New York, New York; Currently teaches and lectures  at many 
medical schools; Researcher; Author; Medical Degree, Mt. Sinai Medical 
School, New York, New York; Ayurvedic Medical Degree, India) has said 
	"Tahitian Noni Juice has not been found to be harmful at any levels, 
nor for any health conditions.  Tahitian Noni Juice is the most 
important medicinal herbal product to come forth in the 21st Century."
	"It is the activity of one specific anthraquinone that is currently 
receiving theattention of the scientific community.  And that compound 
is known as damnacanthal.  Damnacanthal has excited researchers because 
it is one of very few substances shown, in vitro, to actually reverse 
cancer cell proliferation at the gene level.  We have to be very clear 
on what this research has actually demonstrated so far.  And we should 
not over interpret it.  The research says that one isolated component 
found in noni fruit turned off the signal to proliferate for tumor cells 
from one specific cell line living in a petri dish.  The study was 
reported in 1993 from a very reputable laboratory in Kayo University in 
Yokohama, Japan. 

Or this from Stephen M. Hall, M.D.:
"I am a board-certified family practitioner with a successful practice 
combining traditional allopathy with proven natural treatments.  In 
eleven years of practice, I've not seen a treatment as intriguing and 
broadly applicable as Tahitian Noni™.  This is the first time I've 
endorsed a product.

There are good scientific explanations available for how it works.  
Tahitian Noni™ contains protease and other enzymes along with precursors 
to an alkaloid called xeronine which is important for enzymatic function 
and cellular regeneration.  The net result of taking Noni is that all of 
your enzymes work better.  This helps the immune system, the endocrine 
system, inflammation, digestion, allergies, and nearly any bodily 
function you can name."

Grandtime@aol.com (Rich Kuchinsky)

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