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[MOL] Love From Minnesota

>>>> Ole, Lena, and Sven were lost in the woods of Northern
>>>> Minnesota and were becoming desperate having run out of food several
>>>> ago.  It was winter, the snow was deep, their situation was looking
>>>> bleak.  When Ole dug down into the snow to look for nuts, he found an
>>>> lamp and upon rubbing it to get the snow off, a genie came out.
>>>> The genie says, "I am da great genie of Nordern Minnesooota and I can
>>>> grant each of you vun vish.
>>>> " Ole says, I vish I vas back on da farm and it was summer time again."
>>>> Poof, Ole was gone.
>>>> Next Lena quickly says, "I vish I vas back on da farm  wit Ole."
>>>> Poof, Lena was gone.
>>>> Sven was sitting there in the bitter cold of the snow bank where the
>>>> lamp was found looking sad and the genie finally says, "Sven, vat is
>>>> vish?" .....and Sven says, "Gee, I'm really lonely.  I vish Ole and
>>>> were here with me".
>>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> Sven was going for his morning walk one day when he walked past Ole's
>>>> house and saw a sign that said "Boat For Sale." This confused Sven
>>>> because he knew that Ole didn't own a boat, so he finally decided to go
>>>> in and ask Ole about it.
>>>> "Hey Ole," said Sven, "I noticed da sign in your yard dat
>>>> says 'Boat For  Sale,' but ya don't even have a boat. All ya have is
>>>>  old  John Deere tractor and combine."  Ole replied "Yup, and they're
>>>> boat for sale."
>>>>      =======
>>>> One day Ole goes in to see his doctor.  Ole says, "Doc, I
>>>> just don't know vat to do. Lena and me, vell, our sex  life just ain't
>>>> going dat vell."  The doctor says, "Ole, all you need is some exercise.
>>>> want you to walk  ten miles every day. You give me a call in a week and
>>>> let me know how  you're doing." So, a week later the phone
>>>> rings and the doctor answers  it.  A voice on the other end says, "Doc,
>>>> dis is Ole."
>>>> The doctor says, "Hello Ole. Have you been walking ten
>>>> miles every day?"  Ole says, "Yes."  The doctor asks, "And has your sex
>>>> life improved?"  Ole replies, "Well, how da hell vould I know?  I'm
>>>> seventy miles avay from  home!"
>>>>      =======
>>>> Lena passed away and Ole called 911. The 911 operator told Ole that she
>>>> would send someone out right away.  "Where do you live?" asked the
>>>> operator.  Ole replied, "At da end of Eucalyptus Drive."  The operator
>>>> asked, "Can you spell that for me?"  There was a long pause
>>>> and finally Ole said, "How 'bout if I drag her over to Oak Street and
>>>> pick her up der?"
>>>>      =======
>>>> Ole was fishing with Sven in a rented boat. They could not catch a
>>>> Ole said, "Let's go a vit furder down stream." So they did and they
>>>> caught many monstrous fish. They had their limit so they went home. On
>>>> the way home Sven said, "I marked de spot right in de middle of de
>>>> Ole." "You Stupid," said Ole, "How do you know ve vill get da same boat
>>>> next time?"
>>>>      =======
>>>> Ole and Lena were laying in bed one night when the phone rang, Ole
>>>> answered it and Lena heard him yell, "Vell, how da hell should I know,
>>>> dats over 2,000 miles away" and he hung up. Lena say's "who was dat
>>>> Ole?". Ole say's "hell if I know, some guy wants ta know if da
>>>> coast is clear."