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Re: [MOL] Sis (Lil), About the MOL Album......Nanc & Shona.....

Hi Sis,
You silly girl, your not huge, you just a cute little thing to me.  My
goodness girl look at all the blouting meds you take.  And if you go and meet
the Mols in TN, your not going to lose it, you are what you are, and it is the
inside that counts, right?  Besides we have the before on the first page,
right?  I'm far from being thin too.  What we give in here is love, support,
ect.  Sweet Pea it's your heart that makes you so special and beautiful..  I
love you for you not how much fluffy stuff you have on your body, and I didn't
even notice you being as heavy as you thin you are.  I'll send you a disc and
you can tell me which ones you do or don't want in there.  You know it's the
MOL Angel Meetings that count and are important to all of us, not if we are
fluffy or skinny.  You are just a sweet as a bug on a rug.  There was nothing
wrong with the Post you sent, she had it coming.  KAKA that is.
Love ya,

In a message dated 2/23/99 9:58:50 PM Eastern Standard Time,

<< Subj:	 Re: [MOL] Sis (Lil), About the MOL Album......Nanc & Shona.....
 Date:	2/23/99 9:58:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (firefly)
 Nanc:  Boy did I goof up.  I sent a nasty message about KAKA over the mol
 line, it's even dirty.  God, Iam so ashamed of myself.
 Wonder if Rachel will stay with us?  I cracked up laughing over that one
 Nanc, you are too too much and how I love you for it.  When we can laugh at
 our own mistakes we have the world by the tail.
 What pictures did Carla send?  If there is a skinny one of me you can; but I
 am very conscious of my hugeness; so please be careful on this one. love ya,
 sis >>
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