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[MOL] Going to see mom

Hi Kiddies

Little Robbie & I are traveling to Florida the 1st or 2nd week of March (for 2
weeks).  TWA has great deals.  On Friday I'll know exactly when we are
leaving.  Thursday is mom's CAT scan and she requested us to wait until then
before making the reservations.  You know how nervous she is and she hates us
flying so she asked that we make the plans Friday when all her tests are done.

On this visit I also want to visit her Radiation doctor and tell him in person
how wonderful he has been to mom.  I wish ALL DOCTORS were like him.  All his
patients adore him.  He spends an enormous amount of time with each patient.
He takes each person's illness to heart and you can see his eyes light up when
mom walks into the room.  I absolutely adore him
I would love to write a letter to someone but don't know who.  If any moler
has an address that I can write to and commend this Doctor please send it to

But this time I decided to NOT sign off the MOL while I'm there like when I
went for Christmas.  I was internet lonely and poor Nanc and Marty were
filling me in on everything.  This time I will use my Uncle's WEBTV to sign on
to the mol.
If that's okay with all of you (I'd hate to get on your bad side)....only

But seriously mom is doing somewhat okay but I can tell in her voice that she
is in need of some company.  Oh by the way her blood work came back today and
her white cells jumped again to 5.4 (because mainly she has not had chemo in
two weeks) but that's okay this time has been much needed for her.

Also my elderly uncle (93) is bedridden and my aunt (80) is his caregiver.  I
think he will be leaving us soon and my aunt needs some company as well.  They
live in the same condo complex as mom & uncle.  I'm going to cheer everyone
up.  Actually Robbie is looking forward to seeing Grandma Dolly.  She spoils
him rotten with love and he asked, yes he asked if we are going soon.  So how
could I say no to him.
My hubby GOD BLESS HIM is so kind and loving.  He always says for me to go and
not to worry about anything.    He says it's good because while I'm gone he
can join a health club and start his routine.
That's bad for me cause I'll have no healthclub downthere,,,,,,hmmmm maybe I
can use my mom's condo exercise rooms.   

Well that's the story people.  SInce I'm flying I can't stop by Lil's, Sandi's
or Cori's but maybe in June when we drive down for Rob's cousin's wedding I
can see you all then.

Wow sorry for this WAR & PEACE letter.
Love ya
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