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[MOL] Pets and Herbs and fleas.....

    Given the popularity that herbal remedies now enjoy with humans, there is aslo a corresponding upsurge in the use of herbs for your favorite four-legged pals. Herewith are a few time-tested methods to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy:

    Make an herbal flea powder

    Combine one part each of as many of these powdered herbs as you can find: eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary Rue, wormwood, and yellow dock. Put this mixture in a standard shaker-top jar (such as a jar used for parsley flakes). Apply the flea powder sparingly to your pet's coat by brushing backward with your hand or a comb, and sprinkling it onto the base ofthe hairs, especially on the neck, back, and belly. If infestation is severe, use several times a week. After each treatment, put your pet outside for awhile so that the disgruntled tenants vacate your pets fur in the backyard (and not in your house).

    Use an herbal flea collar

    These collars are impregnated with insect-repellent herbal oils. Some are designed to be "re-charged" with the oils, and can be used repeatedly. Others are designed for a specific usage period before replacement. You can buy these types of products at local health food stores.

    Lemon skin tonic

    To effectively control mange and overall skin conditions, thinly slice a whole lemon, including the peel. Add it directly to one (1) pint of near-boiling water, and let it steep overnight. The next day, sponge the solution onto your pet's skin, and let it dry. You may use this tonic daily if needed.

    Brewer's yeast or garlic added to pet food keeps fleas away

    Yeast is an effective way to control fleas, particularly if your pet's health is good to begin with. Many people also praise garlic as an effective flea repellent, though current scientific studies do not yet support this. (You may also rub trace amounts of garlic directly into your pet's coat as a means to apply.)

    Hot-pepper sauce for training problems

    If there's furniture that you want your pets to stay away from, or an item you want them to stop chewing on, place a drop of hot-pepper sauce (like Tobasco) on the object, and then quickly wipe it off. The unpleasant smell will keep your little darlings at a distance. (Tip: first test the sauce on a hidden part of the furniture to make sure it doesn't stain.)

    Motion sickness control

    If you dog has a recurring problem during car rides, give your pet some peppermint tea or peppermint capsules to help settle his/her stomach. (Note: cats don't tolerate this remedy well.) Another treatment for the emotional upset that leads to car sickness: mix together elixir of aspen, elm, scleranthus, and vervain; give two (2) drops of this formula to your pet every two (2) hours.