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[MOL] Sis (Lil), About the MOL Album......Nanc & Shona.....

Hi Sis,
Somehow we have to get together so I can teach you what I know about web pages
this summer.  I need more lessons from Shona.  I put in for a web page from
Emmett to.  You see I did a couple things you wanted.  I need to know if I can
put any of the pictures of you , Carla, and Barbs meeting down there, in the
Album, I do have them from Carla now.  Just need to know from you and Barb.
Let me know on that, OK?
Love ya, 
Nanc :-)
Thanks for the help with Rachel.........

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 Wow!  Old lady here with poor eye site was in her glory seeing that darling
 family of Waynes and Mam's.  Too too cute are they and I bet that little 5
 yr. old runs the whole show?  Darling, thanks Nanc I know your proud of
 yourself and you have every right to be. love, sis >>
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