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[MOL] Sorry Rachel, from Nanc ! OOPS !

Hi Rachel, and Lil,
Yes, I seen that there was mistaken idenity, please, please and on bended
knee, Rachel accept my humble apology.  The person I thought that I was
writing to was, that kaka commerical nut.  Please again alow me to give you a
heart filled welcome to our forum.  I promise that I will protect you like I
would any of the rest of our MOL Angels, and please consider yourself one of
us.  God Bless, and I won't have the time to post the story about the little
boy, I was telling you about.  I have to finish my alteration job.  I will try
very hard to do it before the week-end though.  I have another Mol Angel Greg
waithing to read it too.  I just have to take these paying jobs when they come
to me.
Love and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc :-)
Thanks, Sis (Lil)

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 Rachel Dear, Nanc made a boo boo, she thought you were another person.  She
 is a sweetheart, I promise you this, I hope you are not upset.  But, she is
 a perfect example of how much of a family everyone is, let an outsider (not
 you) treat a MOLER unkindly and they get bombarded.  Nance, did you read
 this dear?  Your friend, lillian
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 >Hi Rachel,
 >First let me say I am sorry, you just didn't come off to kindly.  I am so
 >sorry to hear about your son.  How old is he and what kind of leukemia does
 >have and how bad is he?  I have some other work I must do right now, but I
 >have something I will share with you about another little boy with the
 >who is doing well with a bone marrow transplant.  You might want to look at
 >our Member Album and think about if you would like your Pictures added, as
 >said in my post we are a support group, trying to help each other.  We are
 >here to sell you anything, we care, give, share, and even cry with you, and
 >also post jokes and laugh with you too.  Let me know more about your boy.
 >can event Vent without us getting made, we do not allow anyone to pick on
 >other though, unless it is in fun.  Below is the address for the Album;
 >Lillian was the one that you posted back to and she is on the first page of
 >the album, along with me, I am Nancy.  We are real people like you and I am
 >sorry that I screamed at you.  Our Lil is always there to give anyone
 >information and she has one of the kindest hearts you could ever want to
 >God Bless
 >Love and prayers to you and yours,
 >Nanc :-)
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