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Re: [MOL] info needed

Hi Rachel,
First let me say I am sorry, you just didn't come off to kindly.  I am so
sorry to hear about your son.  How old is he and what kind of leukemia does he
have and how bad is he?  I have some other work I must do right now, but I
have something I will share with you about another little boy with the same,
who is doing well with a bone marrow transplant.  You might want to look at
our Member Album and think about if you would like your Pictures added, as I
said in my post we are a support group, trying to help each other.  We are not
here to sell you anything, we care, give, share, and even cry with you, and we
also post jokes and laugh with you too.  Let me know more about your boy.  You
can event Vent without us getting made, we do not allow anyone to pick on each
other though, unless it is in fun.  Below is the address for the Album;
Lillian was the one that you posted back to and she is on the first page of
the album, along with me, I am Nancy.  We are real people like you and I am
sorry that I screamed at you.  Our Lil is always there to give anyone
information and she has one of the kindest hearts you could ever want to find.
God Bless
Love and prayers to you and yours,
Nanc :-)

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<< Subj:	 [MOL] info needed

 Hi, My name is Rachel and I'm new to this group.  My son 
 has leukemia.  I'm joining for support reasons, rather than 
 needing medical information.  How does this group work?   >>
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