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RE: [MOL] Kathy

Title: RE: [MOL] Photo Album
She'll share, though, won't you, Pam?
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Probably none!  But then neither do we, I know Pam is not going to part with her BEBO !!!!!  lillian
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Subject: RE: [MOL] Photo Album

Hi!  I vote for BEBO, too!  How many forums have their very own llama?  LOL  Kathy

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Hi Pam,
Yes, they are an older couple, her name is Neoma, she is my hubbies Aunt, his
Mothers Sister, they live a lot different then the rest of the family, they
were kinda pack rats.  They did and I think she still does live in the
country, I think one of her grandkids moved in with her.  He I guess died
about 10 years ago.  We met them at Arbies in town, Lordly, what a site to
behold, they looked like street people in Chicago, dirty smelly, etc.  But
they where funny and a real joy to talk to.  It's a meeting that I'm sure I'll
always remember.  They kinda reminded me somewhat of the Beverly Hillbillies.
Bless their hearts.  Your pictures are just great.  I really think we should
have a picture of bebo, he/she has been all over this forum, therefore he/she
is a part of us too.
Love ya,

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<< Nanc:  You will have to give me some more hints on Mrs. Ward.  My dad knew
 an older couple that lived out in the country near where he grew up but
 thought her husband has been gone longer than 3 years.  How do you know her?
 Thanks and take care....Pam,kkkkk5  vvvvvvvv877(oops, ferret on
 keyboard!!!!) >>
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