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RE: [MOL] brrr it's cold

Title: RE: [MOL] brrr it's cold

Hi, Nanc and Cori:  On my lunch hour now, so I can post for awhile.  I like PJ's little 143, too.  I'll never forget what that means!  Love, Kathy

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Hi Cori,
My daugher in Ohio came up with Lots of Love, and I tried to get it to take
off on MoL before but it didn't go, I've been doing the heheheh, and the
hahaha, and Mam does that too.  I thought that lots of love was cute to sigh
off with too.  So go girl.
LOL Nanc

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 Dear Nanc-PJ - Joicy - is it my imagination or are people using hehehe or
 instead of that ROTFLMAO or whatever today ?? Have seen sign-offs with LOL
 of Love, Love of Life)...hey Joicy have we started a trend ??? Love. Cori.
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